Dog Friendly Days Out Round-Up - June 2022

North East Dogs On Camera | Ralphie the Cockapoo

Hello and welcome to North East Dogs On Camera. A new series profiling dogs across the North East and some of their favourite things to do. Expect lots of personal recommendations, local dog-friendly business shout outs and some cute photos too.

The series kicks off with Ralphie the Cockapoo. You can follow Ralphie on Instagram here:

Credit : Ralphie_thefluffybear 

Huge thanks to Ralphie for taking part. 

Q - Please share your dog’s favourite food with us

A - Ralphie eats Butternut Box dog food as his meals, his favorite treats are cheese, carrots, cucumber, chicken and scrambled eggs. 

Q - Please share your favourite North East Beach

A - We love visiting Cresswell Beach.

Q -  Please recommend a dog-friendly pub/cafe/restaurant and let us know why you like it

A - 
All of the following are very dog friendly, they welcome dogs anywhere inside of their bar / restaurant, offer water and treats and make a fuss of all dogs.  

Q - Please recommend a lovely dog walk for readers to try 

Credit : Ralphie_thefluffybear 

Q - Have you been on a dog-friendly holiday in the UK? Would you recommend it and why? 

A - Yes, we have been to Keswick, Windermere and Seahouses. 

Keswick and Windermere we extremely dog friendly with most pubs and bistros that are dog friendly. We stayed at The Royal Oak hotel in Keswick; dogs were allowed to dine in the restaurant for all meals including breakfast. The staff we very welcoming and provided blankets and treats.

We rented a house for a week in Windermere; dogs were welcome on boat trips, hire boats and bars/restaurants.

We have also stayed in the ensuite glamping wigwams at Springhill Farm, Seahouses a number of times. The wigwams are dog friendly, extremely clean and tidy.

Q - Please recommend a dog-friendly business in North East England 

We have recently stayed at Woodhill Hall in Otterburn for my best friend’s wedding in August. The wedding venue is fully dog friendly. We stay for two nights at the venue, Dogs can stay in any room inside the venue and house, and they can attend the ceremony and the rest of the wedding day.

During the wedding breakfast, the wedding coordinator will walk your dog if you wish, Ralphie chose to stay with us and sit under the top table. The chef provided a meal for Ralphie to enjoy at the same time as the guests. During the evening the Ralphie enjoyed chilling out with the wedding guests in the outdoor seating area around the tipi and lounging in the secret bar area. It was a fantastic day; the venue went above and beyond for their fluffy guest.

Q - Let us know which dog-friendly/dog accounts we should follow 

Thanks so much to Raphie for taking part! Lots of new places for me to try and I have to say, Woodhill Hall sound fantastic and like they really go above and beyond. 

If your dog is on Instagram and would like to take part, please email and I will send you over some questions.